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Replacing your PHILIPS Water Filter and important tips for your Purifier

Water is a basic necessity of life and pure water aids balanced functioning of body. Hence, clean water intake is vital and Philips water purifier aims to fulfil this for its customers. Below are few Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind while maintaining your Philips Water Purifier.
Beyond these extracts from the user manual please refer user manual and leaflet copy available with your product or on the company website to get more details on safe and hygienic operations.
  • While installation, make sure that the purifier is mounted vertically and stably.
  • Do not install the purifier in direct sunlight or in a hot location
  • Do not connect the dispenser to any hot water tap
  • Do not connect the dispenser to any drain
  • Do not replace the UV lamp with any ordinary, non-original lamp
  • Clean the outside of the pure water dispenser regularly with a damp (not wet) cloth
  • If you have not used the appliance for 2 days or more, perform the PureFlush procedure
  • Do not close the water outlet when the dispenser is in operation or in waiting mode. This will create pressure on the internal components and cause leakage or damage
  • When 2700 litres of water have passed through the dispenser, PureProtect Alert gives a signal that you need to replace the filter. After the signal, the filter still has enough capacity to purify another 300 litres of water.
  • Always buy original Philips replacement filters
  • Replace the filter, tubes and UV lamp in accordance to the instructions in user manual. Information on filter replacement is also available below.

How to replace your water filter?

    *Extracts from product user manual are also added to above text

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